Unity UI Extensions

Unity UI Extensions

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Version: 2.0
Size: 3.81 MB
Category: GUI

The Unity UI Extensions project is the largest collection of Unity UI controls / Features / Extensions / Effects and helpers.

In this project is a collection of extension scripts / effects and controls to enhance your Unity UI experience. These scripts have been gathered from many sources and combined and improved over time.
New controls and effects are added constantly in source and packaged on a release cycle for easier install.

The majority of the scripts came from the Scripts thread on the [Unity UI forum here](https://bit.ly/UnityUIScriptsForumPost)

You can either download / fork this project to access the scripts, or you can also download the pre-compiled Unity Assets from here
The project has been built by the community and mastered/packaged by SimonDarksideJ

For full details about the project, check on the project site here:



Update 2019.1 - formally 2.1 - Going with the times

Given that it's been a while since the last release and a fair few number of fixes have been introduced since the last update, it's only fair I get this point release out for the masses. This is only a point release and we are still working hard on the next full update

Be sure to logon to the new Gitter Chat site for the UI Extensions project, if you have any questions, queries or suggestions

Much easier that posting a question / issue on YouTube, Twitter or Facebook :D

UIExtensions Gitter Chanel

New / updated features

  • Updated and tested with Unity 2018 / 2019
  • FancyScrollView updated with newer version (note breaking change)
  • Added test version of a LineRender control using a List instead of an array
  • New CardUI layout control, for a snazzy flip card system
  • New UI Circle Progress indicator control

Examples / Examples / Examples

(All examples can be deleted without affecting the extensions)

  • Added example for CardUI
  • Added example for the LineRendererList experiment
  • FancyScrollView examples updated to the new version
  • Example for new UICircle progress control


  • General clean up of build warnings
  • Refactored primitive controls to be cleaner
  • Various HSS / VSS updates, mostly from the community
  • ScrollConflictManager updated to work better with nested HSS/VSS
  • UI Knob resolved to with screen space camera
  • Fix for the menu system, which was disabling prefabs instead of the scene instance
  • Fixed shader in UIParticle System
  • TextPic updated to support culling properly
  • Reorderable List updated with additional options
  • Screenspace overlay support added to the Tooltip control
  • UIParticle system now supports 3D rotation
  • UIVerticalScroller updated
  • Radial slider updated with

Known issues

No new issues in this release, but check the issues list for things we are currently working on:

Upgrade Notes

No significant concerns, should be able to update over the 2.1 package. If upgrading prior to 2.1, we still recommend removing the UnityUIExtensions folder and then re-importing



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